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We love the Medoth family.  Michael and Hedaya have given their time and resources to create a wonderful home and loving education for the Osiligi children in their care.  Now the children are growing older, into their teens and adjustments need to be made.  

As we celebrate who they are becoming, we must acknowledge two valid safety requirements of the government which need to be addressed in order for Osiligi Children Foundation to remain in good standing.

1. A peremeter fence is required to secure the whole of the property. 

2. For the safety of all, the teenage boys are required to live in a separate dorm. 

It has been estimated that these two projects can be completed for a total of $12,000 USD


In 2016 the Medoths sold some property and started a building with two floors.  It was Michael’s desire to add a personal office, a computer lab and a space for crafts which would be sold in the market to offset the running costs of the facility.  There was not enough money to finish the project and it came to a halt.  The structure has been standing, half finished, for the past 2 ½ years.  Now it’s time to rally support to complete this building with the upper floor repurposed as a dormitory to Raise the Boys

Let’s rally all friends of the Osiligi Orphanage to see these two projects to completion in 2019!

Would you be willing to help us with this Raise the Boys campaign?  

We hope you will consider partnering with us

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Hidden Hearts Foundation

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RAISE THE BOYS on the memo line

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About Us

The Beginning

In 2005, when Floyd and Kim Wilson  first established Hidden Hearts Foundation, the purpose was to raise funds to bring hope, protection and assistance to many homeless children in various Children's Shelters in Texas. Today, they continue to support many shelters in the area, but their main focus is the education and support of children in Tanzania. By providing a safe shelter at Osiligi Orphanage and a loving family to act as parents, they hope to give these kids encouragement  for a better life and a happy future.  The children that they have taken in have been either abandoned by their families or have lost their families to sickness, disease or accident (most of which could have been prevented).   

We Are...

Hidden Hearts Foundation is an organization focused on the health, education and development of children who live in the extremely poor conditions of Tanzania, Africa.        

Our mission is to provide a safe shelter for these kids through the completion in 2017 of Emmy's House @ Osiligi Orphanage.  We are committed to educating and empowering these children by improving the quality of education they receive in order to fulfill their potential, achieve their future goals and make a difference in their families and communities.

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, we thank you. Our goals could not be accomplished without the help of generous supporters and friends like you. 


Country Managers


Michael and his wife Hedaya are Hidden Hearts' Country Managers.  These amazing people in sacrifice time and energy to lovingly teach each of these special orphans how to love, honor, and respect each other.  Hedaya makes sure that these children keep up with their homework in addition to counseling them through emotional issues. 

Osiligi Orphanage


Michael is working hard to build a new addition to the recently finished orphanage. This new building  will be a computer lab and study hall for the children.  In addition, Michael and Hedaya work tirelessly to run and manage all of the monthly expenses needed to keep Osiligi Orphanage running smoothly.




Aggness is my name. I am 13 years old. I like reading books. I dislike bad manners. My favorite colors are orange and pink. My  favorite food is pilau. I like reading and playing safe games. My favorite subjects are mathematics and science. My favorite animals are lions and giraffes. I would like to become a teacher some day. Hidden Hearts (Kim) thank you, if not for you, I would be in an early marriage. Now I and the best in school. Thank you



My name is Lucia. I'm 12 years old. I like dancing, singing and playing netball. My favorite animals are elephants and giraffes. I dislike stealing. My favorite music is gospel. My favorite subjects are English, Kiswahili, mathematics and social studies. I like the colors red, yellow and pink. I would like to become a model some day. Hidden Hearts Foundation...you are my everything.



My name is Glory. I'm 11 years old. My school is St. Monica. I'm in class 3. I like playing football. My favorite color is green. My favorite animal is the elephant. My favorite subject is English. In sports, I like basketball. In food, I like rice.  I would like to be a lawyer someday. Hidden Hearts "Asante Sana" (Thank you)



My name is Shedrack. I'm 11 years old. I like reading a Bible. My favorite color is red. My favorite animal is a monkey and my favorite subjects are science and mathematics. In sports, I like football. My favorite music is gospel. I dislike bad behavior. I would like to become a pastor some day. Hidden Hearts...you're the best.



I'm Simon. I'm 10 years old. I like reading storybooks. My favorite colors are read, blue, and purple. And my favorite food is rice and beans. In sports, I like football, volleyball and basketball. My favorite subjects are mathematics , science and social studies. My favorite music is gospel. I would like to become a pilot some day.



My name is Johnson. I'm 11 years old. I like drawing, playing football and dance. My favorite sports are yoga and soccer. My favorite animals are lions and tigers. My favorite color is blue. My favorite subjects are mathematics, science and English. I would like to be a doctor some day. Thank you Hidden Hearts Foundation for supporting me.



Attends Northwest University in Kirkland, WA on partial academic & athletic scholarships. As a junior with exemplary grades, he is working har to graduation with a pre-med degree. Read below about his position as Youth Director for Hidden Hearts Foundation.



Attends the International School in Moshi and a partial academic scholarship. As a high school junior, her work ethic is superior and she is studying to become a nurse or teacher. Ernesta has been recently selected to represent her school as a delegate to the East African Model United Nations. This conference is designed to empower the youth of today to become leaders of tomorrow.



Attends St Constantine's International School in Arusha. Elijah excels in science. He enjoys piano, taekwondo, and soccer.

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