We have children that need your help to continue their education.

Due to the love and support from our country manager, Michael Medoth and his lovely wife, all of these children seem to be performing at the top of their classes.
They run the orphanage and she is a teacher. The students all get assistance with homework and more importantly they get the love and attention they deserve.

The orphanage that we are building there is almost finished, but is the floor tiles, along with bathroom toilets/sinks and kitchen facilities for cooking.

It has taken almost two years to get this far with the building of the orphanage, but with your help we can finally finish the building.

Please consider a donation of at least $1500 or more to assist us.
Your money will go directly to finishing the building.
You can either mail a check to Hidden Hearts Foundation, 4404 Mirador Drive, Austin, Texas 78735 or go to click the "How Can You Help" page

If you want to discuss this project more, or have any ideas on how we can finish it we would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.