Children should NOT be left alone to die.


Michael Medoth, the Country Manager for Hidden Hearts Foundation, is working diligently to rescue children in extreme poverty. Hidden Hearts and Michael are joining together to complete Osiligi Orphanage in Tanzania that will be able to house up to 30 children. However, once rescued, we go further in order to complete our mission of educating each and every one of the orphans.
We still need to complete the roof of the orphanage and put in a kitchen. With your help we are helping to get children like the one above out of the horrible cycle that exists in this area and into our orphanage, thus allowing us to get sponsors for their education and beyond.

Please look at the right column and consider sponsoring our children.

IMG_1082 - Version 2Elijah2016Elijahinvillage
Elijah Varsango - 9 years old
Attending St. Constantine's International School
Elijah was born in a Masaii Village far out of town. His mother died when he was 4 yrs old. No schools are available near his village and his father is too poor to care for him. We took him in after seeing that he was malnourished and full of worms with an extended stomach. He is now in his 4th year at St. Constantine's, happy, healthy and very smart. He also takes piano lessons.

Glory Miagie - 9 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School
Glory's father passed away in 2010. Her mother passed away recently, leaving Glory with her two brothers (Simon & Jackson). None of her relatives wanted her due to poverty, so on Sept 22, 2014, we moved Glory to the Osiligi Orphanage in Tanzania so she could get proper care.

Johnson Nestore Magembe - 9 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School
Johnson was left abandoned at the age of 1 and left in the care of his grandfather. He lived in the Movaro Village when Michael Medoth found him hiding in some bushes and took him in at his orphanage.

Shedrick Wilson - 9 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School
Shedricks’s father passed away in 2008 and the whereabouts of his mother is unknown. Michael Medoth took Shedrick from the Olmotonyi Village in North Arusha and cares for him at his orphanage.

Lucia Baltazari - 9 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School
At a year old, Lusia was abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her grandmother. She doesn’t know who her father is. Lucia aspires to become a model when she grows up and give back to her village.

Agnes Mollel - 9 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School

In January 2013, Agness’ mother passed away from HIV. She cared for her mother as a young 5 year old until her mother's death. Her father suffered from severe mental illness and abandoned her family many years ago. She loves to dance and would like to become a nursery teacher one day.

Simon Nnko - 8 years old
Attending St. Monica's Primary School
Simon’s mother abandoned him at a young age in their village with nothing and his father’s whereabouts are unknown. Simon’s neighbor, Happy Kimata, took him in after they found out he was left all alone.

Ernesta Phillip - 15 years old
Attending Arusha Modern Secondary School
Ernesta lives with her mother, her father disappeared in 2006 and they haven’t seem him since. She attended Joshua Primary School prior to Hidden Hearts taking her under our wings and putting her in a private middle school in Arusha. She has made excellent marks all the way through. Ernesta is extremely gifted and a candidate for attending an International school if we are able to find a sponsor for this much more expensive education.

Gideon Leoya - 16 years old
Attending Arusha Modern Secondary School
Gideon grew up in the Masai village where grazing cattle was the main source of income for his family. His father did not allow him to go to school because he needed Gideon’s help with the cattle. Later, Gideon ran away to find an education and with the help of a priest at a primary school near his village he was able to start school. He loves science and hopes to be a scientist in the future. He is also being noticed for his amazing basketball skills and would like to pursue this sport.

Pasted GraphicStephanoTrack2016stephanositting2016
Stephano Musa - 19 years old
Now attending GreenRiver College, Auburn, WA, USA
His grades have been outstanding and was asked to tell his story to the International Students. He continues to run on the track team as well.

Graduated from St. Constantine’s International School, Arusha, Tanzania

Stephano’s parents both passed away from AIDs when he was very young. In the beginning of 2013, he started attending St. Constantine’s International School. He is doing very well and this year (2014/2015) was elected Head Prefect as well as 3 other leadership positions. He worked at Mt. Meru Government Hospital this summer with surgeons to gain experience in becoming a doctor.
His dream is to attend Medical School in the United States and also to become a political leader in his country.
He made all "A"'s last year in a very rigorous International program based on the British learning system.
He loves to study, read and is excellent in Physics!